TeamHandOut – Fastest Growing Mobile App Development Company

The market for mobile applications is taking the world by storm. With the growing penetration of smartphones, advancement in technology, and high adoption rate of trending technologies and applications, the demand for mobile apps is only scaling. As a result, we at TeamHandOut decided to put our expertise into the application market and cater to businesses of all industries to help them keep up with the trends.

Joice Perumalil – Man behind TeamHandOut – The fastest growing software company

Joice Perumalil hails from Kerala where art, food, and culture stand at the epitome of everything. Ever since a child, Joice knew he wanted to explore the creative sphere as the thought process and vigor required have always fascinated him. So fascinated by the imagery and the manipulation of live-action, Joice wanted to integrate his expertise into the videos he produced.

SphereHunt – Application that keeps you connected and Engaging

If you are looking for an application that keeps you connected, updated and ‘out there’ in real-time, SphereHunt is the app for you. SphereHunt, developed by TeamHandOut, is a real-time location-based application that is designed to help you publish your reports or campaigns whilst also getting updates on news around you instantly.