Joice Perumalil – Man behind TeamHandOut – The fastest growing software company

Joice Perumalil hails from Kerala where art, food, and culture stand at the epitome of everything. Ever since a child, Joice knew he wanted to explore the creative sphere as the thought process and vigor required have always fascinated him. So fascinated by the imagery and the manipulation of live-action, Joice wanted to integrate his expertise into the videos he produced.

Little did he know that his thirst for knowledge and his expertise would lead him to a new adventure, career-wise. Today, Joice’s career involves a rich experience in visual effects, film editing, cinematography, and computer programming which have earned him a reputable name in India and the U.S.

Joice Perumalil did his master’s in visual effects from Hyderabad, and even holds an associate degree in motion graphics and animation from San Francisco, California. Prior to that, he did his Bachelors of Arts, Communication and Media Studies from St. Thomas College, Palai in Kerala.

Joice Perumalil is regarded widely in the industry as an innovator and entrepreneur par excellence. He has won several awards in visual effects and holds all the certifications required in the industry. Joice’s knowledge and expertise in visual effects, programming, and animation were put to the test in California, where he continues to work and consult other firms wanting to explore the creative sphere. His work is most notable in the launch of TeamHandOut and SphereHunt, the latter, a notable app that bridges the gap of end-users with instant updates in a specific location.

Joice Perumalil has the pulse of the creative market that is not limited merely to visual effects or animation. In fact, his expertise in cinematography and programming has earned him a name in the application industry. His formidable experience within this landscape has made him the perfect choice for co-founding TeamHandOut. His brand, co-owned by a friend, connects businesses to convenient and easy-to-use mobile applications and games that are both effective and produced efficiently.

He represents the brand worldwide by facilitating a global network for people looking to contribute to the team and ensures brands across the globe have access to affordable apps that are user-friendly and trending. The thought process behind his applications and his work is phenomenal. He follows an extensive one-on-one session with his clients to understand the requirements clearly then lays out a blueprint and initiates his work, which includes taking calculative risks and keeping the client in the loop throughout the process.

You can learn more about Joice and his work on LinkedIn or his social media platforms. You can also get a glimpse of his amazing journey there. And in case you need someone to help you out with visual effects, cinematography, photography, or even computer programming, Joice is the man for the job.